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Listo is a free mobile app that connects restaurants and suppliers to streamline orders and reduce food waste

For RestaurantsFor Suppliers

Listo's platform connects the LATAM food system to improve information flow and reduce food waste.

Many mistakes are made in the ordering process between restaurants and suppliers due the lack of structured digital ordering channels 

All your suppliers. In one app.

Get your time back

Listo reduces the time you spend ordering from your suppliers by 85%

Connect with suppliers

Listo can be used by any type of supplier, large, medium, small and artisanal

Reduce food waste

With Listo, say bye to up to 90% of order errors

Don't waste more time placing orders with sheets, WhatsApp, calls and emails.

For Restaurants

Throw away endless order sheets and late-night waits on the phone. Our free app is the most efficient way to order from all your suppliers. Order faster, go to sleep earlier.


If you are a supplier Listo allows you to streamline your workflow. Stay in touch with your restaurants at all times.

For Suppliers

Whether you're a family farm or a national distributor, our custom platform will change the way you do business. Save time on manual tasks, reduce order mishaps, and sell more products.


"Listo realmente nos ha ayudado a simplificar nuestro proceso de pedidos a tal punto que en lo que tardabamos hasta 25 minutos ahora lo hacemos en menos de 3 minutos"

Mauricio Artavia, Cafeteria Oro Negro

" Como proveedor tenemos un canal formal y listo para dar una mejor experiencia al Cliente, con Listo estamos más conectados"

Joanna Henson, Distribuidor Truchas del Sol


What is Listo?

Listo creates tools that improve the ordering process between suppliers and restaurants. Listo is made up of two parts: a web tool for suppliers and a free ordering app for restaurants. Both are flexible enough to fit the needs of a wide variety of businesses.

How much does Listo cost?

Listo is free, both for you and for suppliers. Placing orders through the app has no cost, no commission, no monthly payment.

What are chats and how do they work?

Chats are the main place on Listo where you can communicate with your clients quickly and easily. For each restaurant, the messages will be grouped into a customer chat. You will automatically receive an email every time a client places an order or sends you a message through Listo. You can respond directly by email or in the provider tool. Your clients will always see your response in their chats.

Can I attach an invoice?

Yes. Uploading an invoice allows us to easily update your list of products. To attach an invoice, select the supplier chat for the invoice and then tap the gear icon

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