Connect with all your
customers and sell more

Boost sales, strengthen customer relationships and
simplify your operations.


Reduce the time it takes
to process orders

Use the free Listo app to chat and manage your orders in seconds. No more paperwork or using WhatsApp to place your orders
Save time. Save money. save food

All-in-One Commerce Enablement Platform for suppliers

Forget about order errors

Receive orders with product references and delivery dates. No more guessing what the client wants. 90% more accurate shipments.

Sell more

You can promote products for your customers through the app. 20-30% of what is promoted with Listo ends up selling.

ERP Integrations

Listo integrates with your ERP system so you don't have to add everything manually. Save time and costs.

Services that drive success

Take your business to the next level

It doesn't matter if you're a small, artisanal supplier or a national distributor, with Listo you save time by automating tasks, reducing errors and selling more products.


Our landing page template works on all devices, so you only have to set.

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Ready to Start?

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How does it work?

Our landing page template works on all devices, so clone and get building!

Super easy to customize.

Crystal clear class naming and build quality makes this super easy to update and customize for your brand. Oh, we also include figma files!

Totally free and cloneable.

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Lista de productos

Puedes personalizar tu listado de productos y añadir referencias, unidades y cantidades mínimas.

Machotes para tus pedidos por proveedor

Interfaz intuitiva para pedir rapidamente

Agrega nuevos productos a tus pedidos

Boost sales, strengthen customer relationships
and simplify your operations.

Reduce food waste
Eliminate manual tasks and reduce ordering errors, avoid food waste and help the planet
Team management
Now your team under control and with restricted access to functions and actions of your operation
ERP Integrations
Connect with your existing accounting, fleet management and ERP software systems
Notifications and reminders
Receive automatic reminders about your orders via our app, email, SMS and WhatsApp
Digital catalogs
Make it easy for clients to find and purchase new products. Display your full catalog assortment with up-to-date product availability
Operating efficiency
Eliminate manual tasks and reinvest saved time in revenue-generating activities
Real-time cloud sync across desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones
24/7 Support
Live in-app chat and phone support for your team and clients in just a couple of clicks

Listo empowers your digital transformation

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